The Senior Portraits Process

Dustin, do you think you could take a few minutes and describe your senior portrait process for Doug?  He’s convinced that getting Alicia’s senior portraits done will be like going to Olin Mills in 1981.  We couldn’t find a page on your site that had a step-by-step walkthrough of what we’ll be doing; is there a link to a specific page that describes it all?  A senior portraits FAQ of some kind?  If I had my way I’d just send Alicia down for the photo session but Doug wants to be way more involved and informed about “this whole glamour shot runway affair”.  So much drama over Westwood senior pictures!

high school senior wears a white button shirt with red shorts with sun flair from the sun shining behind her in her senior portraits photo photography session

Absolutely! When it comes to senior portraits with Dustin Meyer Photography, my philosophy is to keep it fun and simple. First, seniors and parents can check out our senior portraits sessions and schedule a convenient time for their session through our studio. Among the different senior portraits packages we offer, you can also choose add-ons such as our on-location fee and professional makeup. Afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details of the senior portraits session you reserved, along with your scheduled appointment time and date.

Then the real fun begins! Once you arrive for your senior portraits session, we’ll either begin with professional makeup, or start taking pictures after discussing exactly what type of look you’re going for, depending on the portrait session you reserved. I pride myself in getting a large variety of looks, making sure that your senior is happy with their photos, as well as mom and dad. Our sessions range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, with plenty of opportunities to get as many stunning senior portrait photos as possible. Plus, with the option of going on-location, we can go to multiple locations around Austin, TX. This includes South Congress, downtown Austin, UT campus, and many more. The possibilities are endless.

After having a blast and capturing all of your photos during your senior portraits photography session, we’ll get your proofs online in a password protected online gallery. From your secure online gallery, you can view all of your photos from your portrait session, save your favorites, share with friends and family, as well as purchase high quality retouched prints, timeless wall portraits, high-end portrait albums, and more. All of this is done from the convenience of your home computer. It’s that simple.

I hope this helps shed a little more light on how we do senior portraits around here. As I said before, it’s all about fun and simplicity. In the meantime, make sure to reserve your session now. Thanks for the questions and keep them coming!

-Dustin Meyer

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