Senior Portraits and Local Business

We’re a local business that caters to the competitive cheer athletes.  Most of our girls are Westlake, Vandegrift, McNeil, and Westwood attendees and we understand that you already do their senior portraits.  Would you consider shooting them at our competitive events or in training, either as individuals or as a team?  We’d like to offer them the ability to take shots of their extracurricular activities and add it to their yearbook picture submissions but we would like to use an Austin area photographer that knows and is familiar with how the yearbook and senior portrait schedule works. Let us know about rates and feasibility.

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Absolutely, I always enjoy working with local Austin area businesses. Many of the seniors from the high schools we serve are involved in many activities. We always support and help promote these activities by providing professional sports and team photography for the local high schools. Because many of our senior portraits clients love to use our photos for their yearbook pages, our studio is very familiar with the requirements from all the different high school yearbooks in Austin, TX. Give me a call at the studio at 512-981-5583 and I’ll be happy to give you more information. Thanks! -Dustin Meyer

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