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It’s that time of year: shopping, sales, and promotions. The endless browsing of sites that showcase senior pictures… wait. You suddenly realize you left something off your holiday list. You’ve got a high school senior in your home and you’ve never had to do this before. That’s right, the realization that you still have to schedule something for your graduate. Unless your student is the kind who gets excited about their photos and constantly reminds you to schedule their portrait session.

But then there are those of you parents who have less than enthusiastic kids. Yup, it’s almost painful to think about. If there’s one thing your senior may not look forward to, it’s getting their picture taken.

However, we have a solution. You see, most seniors think that getting their pictures taken is just as painful as going to the dentist. Let’s be honest, back when we were in high school, it was like pulling teeth getting our senior portraits done. But what if I told you that things have changed?

Tip #1: Changing It Up

First off, we start with a baby. We find it’s the perfect way to get your high school seniors out of their comfort zone. What better way to distract them from getting their picture taken than by putting a drooling, pooping, wiggling baby in their arms. They’ll forget they’re even in front of the camera when they realize that smell isn’t coming from that nearby storm drain, but that loaded diaper bouncing up and down on their lap?

Or maybe a promotional shoot of your senior’s favorite beverage…?

A high school senior guy wearing a black suit and black shirt holding a soda can

However, we have a solution

Tip #2: Show Off Your Talents

Every parent knows what it’s like to drive your kid to band practice at the crack of dawn or washing their filthy athletic gear. So why not show it off? You’ve put hours and hours into pushing them beyond their limits. It’s time for you to show the other parents in the booster club just how committed you are to your high school senior’s future.

Bring an instrument, or a letter jacket, or anything that shows off how determined you are to teach your kid responsibility. Oh, don’t worry. They know you’ll always be there to guide them through life… right?

A high school senior acting silly by holding a trumpet with just his teeth

A high school graduate wearing a cap and gown while his mother photobombs him from behind

Tip #3: No More Tips…!

Yup, that’s everything you need to know. Just two tips to make your child excited to jump on the bandwagon to get their senior pictures. Even right now, we’re getting a few inspired parents from this article who are getting an early start to reserving their high school senior’s portrait session for the upcoming semester.

Because what’s worse? Planning ahead like you’re studying for a final exam that’s 4 weeks away? Or ripping off that bandage now and feeling satisfied you got one more thing off your checklist?

That’s what we thought. See you soon!

Reserve your session now. You’ll be glad you did…

Senior pictures of a high school guy wearing a red tie and hanging out in a hammock

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