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male guys senior portrait ideas austin txSenior Portraits Tips and Ideas for Guys

Senior Portraits by Dustin Meyer Photography

Despite all the rumors, it’s actually harder for many guys to get prepped for their senior photos. So I’ve decided to help male of the species with a few tips on how to get killer senior portraits.

It’s time to put your best face forward, so follow these senior portraits tips for guys and knock ‘em dead.

Obviously, it’s not something guys think much about. Having our picture taken is usually the last thing on our minds. In fact, most guys worry even less about our appearance. Little do we realize that the way we look might be more important to someone special.

No, I’m not talking about a significant other… well, maybe. But when it comes to senior photos, the person guys need to dress up for the most is Mom. Yup, she’s been the main woman in our lives for as long as we’ve been around. So of course, it’s more important than ever to look nice when we get our senior pictures taken.

But don’t worry, we’ve got some senior portraits tips and ideas for guys that will make any mother feel proud. And perhaps, you’ll get a few brownie points in the process.

Tip #1 – Outfits

Ok, let’s get this over with. This is probably the hardest part about senior portraits, so we’ll start here first. Ever since we were little, we’ve fought with Mom about what to wear every time we walked out the front door. We’ve heard her say “You’re going out wearing that?”, so many times it’s been permanently implanted into our brains. However, let’s take a moment and consider that Mom might actually be onto something.

What you wear will always affect the opinion of people around you. So instead of feeling like you’re being controlled, use it to your advantage. Here’s some examples:

The “Dressed Up” Style – Geeks vs. Grown Men

Normally, this wouldn’t be our first choice. However, talk to any guy about why he gets dressed up from time to time, and you might learn a thing or two.

A suit and tie is probably the lowest on the totem pole when it comes to your favorite outfit. But there’s a reason for the term “sharp dressed man”. Dressing in more formal attire (aka business clothes) can really boost your appearance.

We don’t wear suits everyday, which is why we get so much attention when we do.

By getting cleaned up, it shows off your maturity level and makes people take you seriously. This is exactly what your senior year and high school graduation is all about. So why not show everyone that you’re a force to be reckoned with?

senior portraits ideas for guys austin tx dustin meyer photographyThe “Casual Look” – Taking A Relaxed Approach

Breathe a sigh of relief because now it’s time to get comfortable. Jeans and a T-shirt have always been a guy’s go-to outfit when it’s time to relax. Or perhaps shorts? It all depends on personal preference. However, there’s a fine line between looking casual and just looking plain sloppy.

First off, no matter which pair of jeans are your favorites, make sure they’re presentable. Avoid wrinkled pants that look like they were pulled out of the dirty clothes pile at the last minute. Same goes for shirts. Take ten seconds to examine your clothes to see if there’s any stains, holes, or other signs of wear and tear.

Also, a crew neck, v-neck, or polo shirt will always do the trick. The key is to wear a shirt that fits properly. Avoid baggy or extremely old shirts from your early days.

The “Semi-Dressy Look” – In Between The Lines

Sometimes referred to as “business casual”, “dress casual”, or “church clothes”, the semi-dressy outfit covers a range of looks. This includes polo shirts, button shirts with jeans, khaki pants, and other items that can fit any style.

An easy outfit is a simple polo shirt and khaki pants. This is always a good move for any guy who wants to add just a little polish to their senior pictures without going overboard. Just like the “dressed up” look, this may not be something you wear everyday. So when you do put on those plain khakis and button short sleeve shirt, it’s a guaranteed attention getter.

Most importantly, whatever you choose, always make it look intentional instead of a last-ditch effort.

Tip #2 – Hair: Tame the Mane

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had moms fussing with their son’s hair during one of my senior portraits sessions. It’s embarrassing for the guy, frustrating for Mom, and it completely ruins the entire experience.

There’s this wonderful invention called conditioner. Yes, we all use shampoo, but not all guys realize the benefits of using conditioner when it comes to enhancing your hair style. Conditioner helps keep your hair smooth and avoids frizz. This makes using gel, hairspray, pomade, or hair wax much more effective.

It doesn’t matter how much you dress up. Having hair that kills your senior pictures is not the same as having killer hair.


Tip #3 – Shaving: Face the Facts

Ok, this can get a little personal for some guys. Growing facial hair can be a badge of manhood, or it can be a downright annoyance. Either way, your face is really the main thing Mom cares about the most. So why let it go wild looking like an abandoned lawn?

If you’re a smooth criminal, make sure to shave the morning of your senior pictures session. If your skin is prone to shaving irritation, don’t shave right before your photos. Give your face and neck time to heal before you get in front of the camera. Shaving in the shower helps. Plus, using a fresh razor, the right shave gel and shaving lotion helps prevents cuts and redness. Personally, I’m a huge fan of shave butter from Dollar Shave Club.

If you’re a man beast, then tame that beard. Using clippers with different size guards will keep your man face looking kept and contained. Start with a larger guard number for longer beard hairs and work your way down to a smaller guard to find the right look. I myself wear a beard, but I still shave my neck. That way, no matter what look I’m sporting, it always looks intentional.


But remember, these are important to Mom, so let’s make her happy.

Let’s Wrap It Up

This may seem like a lot of time wasted just for senior portraits. But remember, these are important to Mom, so let’s make her happy. No matter what you wear or what look you’re going for, always make it look intentional. Choose your outfits the night before. Clean yourself up on the day of the shoot. It’s time to put your best face forward, so follow these senior portraits tips for guys and knock ‘em dead.


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