The New Yearbook

Hey D. check this out: It keys right into what we were talking about re: the death of the high school yearbook. I talked to an administrator out here in CA about your idea for a gallery or online portfolio for each student instead of the traditional one shot senior portrait and it was a complete hit. They’ll be augmenting the physical yearbook with a cloud based online photo archive as soon as 2015 that will include each students accomplishments and interest photos. Any serious senior portrait photographer who isn’t willing to do on site work is going to be sadly disappointed in the next five to ten years.

high school senior portraits suit and tie near the W Hotel Austin

As we have seen over the past several years, just as with senior portraits, people want access to new ways of displaying their favorite memories and new ways to showcase them. A physical yearbook will always be a treasured item, but today’s technology has allowed for new possibilities for showcasing everything a high school senior has accomplished. There’s more demand for something more substantial than a typical Facebook Timeline can encompass. An online portfolio for senior portraits is a professional and well-designed environment to display everything about your high school senior. I’m very excited to observe how the high school yearbook will evolve, and I’m even more excited to continue to be a part of it’s growing history.

-Dustin Meyer

  1. Syahrul

    Melissa – Allen what a fabulous idea for next year. I know that Clark would atellubsoy lose her mind if she got to take her special Christmas portrait with Santa. That also might keep Grayson in the game for another year I thought for sure she wasn’t going to it this year. Thanks again for your perfect work! God bless you and Diane, and your boys and Merry Christmas.

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