Senior Portraits Mistake?

Emergency- Ben’s mom apparently hates the shirt he’s wearing in the proofs. I know it’s retro and very popular for the Westlake hip kids and Ben loves it but she won’t have it (she says it looks like he is in the Monkees). How quickly could we reschedule an extra shoot and do you have any advice on how trendy we can let him go without making his mother apoplectic about his senior picture fashion choices? Oi, what a mess- I wish we would have listened to you when we were doing this- I’m laughing about our “I get to blog this if you change your mind” discussion… feel free, sir- you earned it. B. H. Sr.

male high school senior portraits photo photography session blue sweater grey jeans


Well, I definitely don’t want to allow a senior portraits mistake to upset the order of nature, haha. This is why I always encourage the parents to check over the outfits that their high school senior is planning to wear for their senior portraits session. But not to worry, my philosophy is to always provide you with photos that everyone will enjoy, including Ben AND his mother. Give me a call at my studio at 512-981-5583 and I’ll get him scheduled for a quick reshoot asap. Thanks!

-Dustin Meyer



9 Responses

  1. Chris Brock

    I don't get it. The shirt is fine. LOL

  2. Being a young person who graduated recently from LTHS, I love the sweater! I don't know what she's talking about!

  3. Dustin Meyer

    It is now :)

  4. Dustin Meyer

    This is the shot we took AFTERWARDS :)

  5. Chris Brock

    I don’t get it. The shirt is fine. LOL

  6. Allison Korstad Photography

    Being a young person who graduated recently from LTHS, I love the sweater! I don’t know what she’s talking about!

  7. Dustin Meyer

    Ha ha, yes! This photo is from the shoot we did afterwords :-)

  8. Dustin Meyer

    Hey Chris, this is the shot we did afterwards :) Thanks for the compliment!

  9. Dustin Meyer

    Hi Allison! This is the shot we did after he changed into something a little nicer :) Thanks for the compliments!

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