Just Senior Portraits?

A brunette senior portrait high school female wears a black sweater in a field of tall grass for her portraits session with Dustin Meyer Photography in Austin Texas

Senior portraits only? Dustin, you shot our daughter for her Westlake senior portraits three years ago and we were considering taking shots at her UT commencement next year. Do you only do senior portraits or is this something you would consider? I don’t know the policies for photography at the UT functions- they may be more stringent than those for high school pictures at Westlake or they may not. Hopefully you know the answers? Thanks for the beautiful pictures in any case. Steve S.

Hi Steve, thank you very much for your compliments on my senior portraits of your daughter! And to answer you question, yes this is something that I would be happy to do for you. Westlake High School should not have an issue with me taking graduation commencement photos of your daughter, but it’s always best if you double check with them first. Thanks again and it’s great to hear from you!

-Dustin Meyer

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