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redhead auburn female poses for her senior portraits in a white blouse and red skirt in tall grass smiling with freckles

Senior portrait help! Dustin, we got our daughter’s senior pictures done with another photographer who supposedly specialized in senior portraits and they have turned out awful; they look nothing like her and we feel like we’ve given our money to an amateur photographer. Could you look them over with us and then give us an idea of what it might cost to do the same type of photo shoot in a similar setting but with professional lighting and equipment. I think we should have gotten her portraits done with you in the first place but we were afraid of what it might cost; now we wish we’d have gone with our first instinct from the start. Time is at a premium for us as her yearbook deadline for photos is coming up; are there slots available for senior pictures right now in your schedule?

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I know how frustrating it can be when you feel let down by someone claiming to be a “professional photographer”. Many amateur photographers with a decent camera claim to be professionals, but they lack experience and professionalism. Which means you end up with disappointing snapshots. It’s always best to do a little research on a photographer before making a big decision like senior portraits. However, I can definitely help you out. By contacting the studio, it’s easy to find an upcoming time slot that works best for your schedule. Plus, our turnaround time for previewing your photos from your senior portraits session is within 48 hours from your photo shoot. And prints are shipped directly to your home overnight after your order has been processed by our professional photo lab. I do my best to make it easy and fun, both with your portraits session as well as viewing and ordering your prints. See you at your upcoming senior portraits session…!

-Dustin Meyer


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