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Customer Question:

Dustin, we’re getting Ashley ready for her senior portrait session with you and she wants to visit the tanning salon. Jane thinks it will make her look orangey like Jersey Shore television stars. Is this something you could fix if it goes horribly wrong with your photo wizardry? I’ve seen other senior portraits and yearbook pictures that have obviously been fixed for color or touched up; is it a service we can order from you if necessary?


Believe it or not, I get this question quite often especially right before summer senior portraits sessions. I know that a lot of seniors worry about how pale they may look after spending several semesters indoors. However, I always recommend that they try not to do anything too drastic before their portrait session. Aside from some of the health issues related to tanning salons, the change may be so different that their portraits may not look like them. To answer your question, if the photos appear too “pale”, I can always correct for their skin tones to give them a more natural healthy glow.

My philosophy when it comes to taking senior portraits has always been to make our seniors look as natural as possible. Because you plan on enjoying these pictures for years to come, it’s always best to have them look like themselves, not like “Jersey Shore” ;-)

All the best,

Dustin Meyer

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