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A male senior portraits model brunette with brown hair wearing glasses wears a eggplant button shirt with tie and black slacks while standing next to a stone table in a natural outdoor setting for his senior portraits with Dustin Meyer photography in Austin Texas



Dustin, we were looking for the best senior portrait photographer in Austin and two of our friends recommended you. How long does one of your photo shoots last and how should we prepare my son for his senior photo? Do they usually get a hair cut beforehand? Are there colors to avoid? He will be attending Texas A&M next year and we wanted to get him a maroon shirt to wear; an armchair photographer friend told us to avoid that color because it would never look good. Can you help us with wardrobe choices beforehand? We just need a little advice before we order his senior portraits.


This is a great question! Our senior portraits sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on which senior portraits photography package you choose. When it comes to preparing your son for his senior portraits photo session, the best thing for guys is to not get them too nervous by giving them a lot of instructions from the parents. This can make them tense or even worse, make them not even want to do their photo session. I prefer to keep it fun and relaxing by helping them with directions and keeping it fun by joking around and having a good time. I also make sure to get plenty of shots with a natural looking smile and a few laughs, just to help provide photos that the parents and their senior enjoy for a lifetime.

When it comes to getting a haircut, just like with girls, I tell my clients not to do anything too different than how they normally wear their hair. Also, if you decide that a haircut is needed, please do it no less than two weeks before their senior portraits photo session. This allows them to get used to their new haircut and have some practice at styling it the way they like to wear it before we take their picture.

Also, when choosing colors, there’s really no rule against certain colors. In fact, maroon can look great in many shots. I tell my seniors to bring more outfits than what’s included in their senior portraits package. This way, we can decide on the day of the photo shoot and see what colors work best. Plus, I’m always available to help you decide on the best outfits to help guarantee you get the perfect look you want.

-Dustin Meyer


A male brown haired brunette senior portraits male model poses next to a creek wearing blue jeans and a blue long sleeve shirts while posing for his senior portraits photography session in Austin Texas.

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