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I love answering your questions about senior portraits. I know that everyone has concerns when it comes to booking their senior photo session for their high school graduate. Here’s my latest answer to a very common question…

A blonde high school female senior models for her senior portraits session wearing a white button shirt and blue jeans while sitting on a tree stump in a large field with tall grass and smiling for her senior photos with Dustin Meyer Photography in Austin Texas


Outdoor senior portraits seem to be all the rage these days and I notice that you shoot many, if not the majority of your senior portraits against trees or on lawns. Would it be more affordable if we had you shoot our three children, two seniors and one junior, indoors? We have a limited budget and are looking for good but affordable senior portraits for the older two and something that satisfies the yearbook requirement for our younger child. How can we cut some corners and still get the best student portraits for them?


It’s always a bit of a surprise when parents first learn about the prices for senior portraits. But then again, we always get a bit of a surprise when we realize the costs of things that are important to us.

Combining portrait sessions can be one way to help make your investment go further. Also, print packages can help save a lot of money because of built-in discounts.

But the most important factor is to make sure you spend enough to get the perfect photos taken of your high school senior. It’s a moment in their lives that only happens once, and it’s more important to hire a photographer who best captures their personality, whether it’s inside a studio with a backdrop or outdoors with trees and fields.

These photos will be hanging on your walls for a very long time, so make sure you will enjoy having them decorate your home for many years.

-Dustin Meyer

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