Senior Portraits: Claire

A high school teen female poses for her senior portrait photography session while wearing a lace white top and blue jeans with a aquamarine tank top. She smiles while looking down and fixes her hair with her hand.

Getting your senior portraits taken can sometimes be a little nerve-racking. Many times, my seniors worry about whether or not it will look natural in their portraits. However, I find that just by cracking a few jokes and getting them to have a good time is the perfect way to help them relax and get some of the best photos for their senior portraits.

None of the pictures on my website are models. They are all normal everyday high school seniors that just want to get the best pictures for their graduation photos. It’s a lot simpler than most people think.

Claire had such a great time during her photo session that I just had to share this perfect senior portrait photo.

Of course, I provide a little direction when it comes to posing and ideas when it comes to getting great pictures. That’s part of my job.

But the rest is all about having fun while we take pictures during your senior portraits photo session. My philosophy is, “if it doesn’t look like you, then what’s the point?”

Contact the studio to find out more about how to create the best portraits for you from one of the best senior portrait photography studios in Texas.

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