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Just Be You

Yesterday was a perfect day for pictures. Haley and her dad came by the studio for her senior portraits and had a wonderful time. It was more like hanging out rather than a stuffy photo shoot.

All of Haley's outfits were absolutely fantastic and matched every scene perfectly. With the amazing sunset and warm weather, it seemed as though everything had just fallen into place.

We can't wait for you to see the rest of your stunning photos, Haley! Congratulations!

“All of Haley’s outfits were absolutely fantastic and matched every scene perfectly…”

At Dustin Meyer Photography, all we do is create photos that parents and seniors love. What's our secret? It's simple... create a fun experience, keep it lighthearted, and let the clients tell us what they want. All we do is help a little with posing, lighting, and outfits. That's it.

By keeping it simple, our senior portraits are the most popular in Austin, TX. It doesn't matter if our clients don't consider themselves to be photogenic. In fact, it's better to just be yourself from the very beginning. We work with seniors from all backgrounds, and we know how to make it fun for every one of our amazing clients.

Reserve your session today and see why everyone chooses Dustin Meyer Photography.

brunette senior portrait photo wearing a pink lace top and blue jeans walking in a field of tall grass

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  1. Dustin Meyer

    Great job Haley!

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