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Senior Pictures by Dustin Meyer Photography


I figured I’d write something a little more casual instead of the usual informational post. So let’s get to it…

Senior pictures… everyone knows they need them. It’s become such a huge tradition with graduating from High School. But a lot of parents are first time clients when they call my studio. So, I spend time educating them on what to expect, how the process works, and how my studio approaches doing senior portraits. Almost every time, they’re confused when they first contact me. But after talking with them, they feel better.

So why are senior pictures so important? Why has it become such a large part of the high school experience? All I can tell you is based on my own senior portraits experience… and 15 years of doing them.

I hear so many people say “they grow up so fast!” But I’m more afraid of them moving on even faster.

Back in the Spring semester of 1997, I caught that terrible illness when seniors are fed up with classes and ready to move forward to the college experience. It’s lovingly referred to as “Senioritis”. All students and parents are very familiar with this condition. The biggest problem with senioritis is that it makes students desperate to get this part of their life over and done with as quickly as possible.

Over the years however, I’ve encountered so many parents whose only desire is to capture that fleeting timeframe when their child leaves their previous life behind and prepares for adulthood. Especially now that my daughter is a freshman at the same high school I attended, I’m already feeling the pangs of nostalgia before she even finishes her first year. Where did the time go? What happened to my sweet little darling daughter? Who is this maturing adolescent changing by the day before my very eyes?

I hear so many people say “they grow up so fast!” But I’m more afraid of them moving on even faster.

So, I’ve made it my mission to do my best at living the high school experience with my kid. Helping her along the way, being there when she needs a hug, and seeing her taking so much interest in future careers. When did it come to this? And should I feel sad because of this fleeting moment in our lives?

Or should I celebrate with her that she’s reaching her potential…

I hear so many people say “they grow up so fast!” But I’m more afraid of them moving on even faster.

I know I’m not the only parent going through this. She’s not even a senior yet! But I’ve quickly come to understand just how important it is to capture every moment. Especially the ones where change happens the quickest.

So in conclusion, just like with every parent that walks through my doors, I feel the same nervousness, despair, and apprehension that each one of them are going through. And I guess that’s why I do everything I can to not only create the best senior pictures for my clients, but also the best senior pictures experience.

Are you ready…?





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