Senior Pictures Ideas For This Summer

Senior Pictures Ideas for Class of 2019

Senior pictures by Dustin Meyer Photography

I can’t believe it’s almost three weeks away… Summer. With a freshman in high school, it’s hard to believe that time is flying by so quickly. I remember how it was just last Fall, starting off the school year. But, it looks like it’s already time to start planning for 2019.

So, how do we keep up with things moving so quickly? I’m just as bad about planning ahead as the next parent. Except when it comes to photos. I guess it’s the easiest way for all of us to freeze that special moment in time. Yes, people have said it so many times, but maybe they’re on to something.

Vivian and her mom were already ahead of the game. We did her senior pictures along Lake Austin just outside of Westlake. With Vivian’s ideas and amazing outfits, it was easy to forget the stress of staying ahead of schedule and enjoying the moment of capturing a huge milestone in her life.

Ideas for senior portraits for this Summer of 2019 and portraits

But what to wear? I get this question all the time from moms and I always reply with the same thing. Which outfits make your high school senior feel the most comfortable? I personally believe that if they’re in their comfort zone, it makes for the best experience which turns out to make the best senior pictures.

A blonde high school senior standing on a pier on Lake Austin for her senior pictures session

…it looks like it’s already time to start planning for 2019.

What does this mean for you? We’re already taking reservations for senior portrait session for the upcoming senior class of 2019. And if you’re early enough, we can even beat the Texas summer heat… always a plus.

Unfortunately, some people think that it’s better to wait until the upcoming fall season. However, that’s when it gets super busy here. And parents end up having to reserve a session for the winter of that year. Holidays roll around, and the next thing you know, graduation is right around the corner. And I hate having to turn parents away if we’re all booked up for the upcoming graduation. It’s the the busiest time of year for us.

So, get ahead of the game and brag to your friends that you are the smart one by getting your senior pictures done early…

That’s what I would do :)

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