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Senior Pictures with Kaelon


A lot of times, people think that senior pictures are just for girls. But guys need their senior portraits just as much as anyone else. In fact, moms are the ones that panic when they contact our studio when it comes to taking photos of their sons. They worry that their boys won’t cooperate or won’t wear the right outfits.

I always tell them the same thing… “Don’t worry, I’m a guy. And I speak ‘dude’. It’s all about having a good time and getting great photos”.

This always helps because the parents are afraid that their high school senior guy won’t do well during their portrait session.

But I always use the same methods to help seniors relax when it comes to their picture session. It’s fairly simple really. I make sure that moms and their sons at least compromise on the outfits. That way, their son will get some photos in their favorite outfit, while Mom and Dad get pictures in outfits that they’re hoping for.

Kaelon was the exception. He was extremely cooperative and was always in a good mood. On top of that, he was also extremely polite. He wasn’t bored and actually enjoyed himself. I have to say, it was a pleasure getting to work with him. He even invited his sister to join him in some of the photos.

In fact, his mother was very proud of his behavior and was somewhat relieved to see her son acting the way she hoped he would. Not only was I impressed, but I was kind of proud myself.

All in all, I guess the point I’m trying to make is that guys don’t have to worry when it comes to taking their senior pictures. Our sessions are easy going, enjoyable, and not stuffy at all. I joke around saying that it’s a lot easier than going to the dentist. Plus, if they do a great job and give Mom and Dad some amazing photos… then when the guy needs to borrow Mom and Dad’s credit card, they’ll have plenty of brownie points.

However, Kaelon didn’t need any encouragement. He was great to work with and we all had a wonderful time.


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