Senior Photography: Christian

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Why Guys Shouldn't Fear the Camera

It's hard to say exactly why, but in our experience (and from what a lot of moms tell us), many guys that have their senior portraits taken really don't look forward to it.

Not the case with Christian's senior photography session.

So many times when we do senior photography with guys, most of them don't look forward to it. But for Christian, it wasn't as much of a problem. Probably because we did senior photography for his sister a few years before. He was already accustomed to how it works, and was less resistant that most guys that first come to our studio.


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It’s not as bad as you think

The best way for guys to think about their senior photography session is that it's not some stuffy portrait session. In fact, our studio makes it much easier for guys to relax and enjoy their senior photography session than other studios in Austin, TX. In fact, we posted some tips for guys senior photography sessions. It's all about the attitude they bring to their senior portraits session.

Trust me, we understand when it comes to having low expectations for getting our photos taken. Which is why we make the experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.


It’s Almost Graduation Time

It's right around the corner. And our studio is almost full when it comes to portrait sessions and available time slots. If you're wondering about whether or not you have enough time to take the pictures, that's one thing. Getting the prints in time for graduation is another.

Our studio works hard on getting your senior portraits prints, wall portraits, hi-res digital images, and more as quickly as we can. But the more seniors we work with, the more wait time there is to get your photos.

But there's still hope. If you sign up soon, you can still get your senior portraits in your hands before it's too late.

Get everything you need before time runs out.

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