Fall senior portraits sessions are filling up


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Senior portrait sessions are filling up fast…


Just like every year, the months of September, October, and November are busy with senior pictures here at Dustin Meyer Photography. We’ve learned there are many reasons for pictures in the Fall, but here are some of the biggest ones.


The weather is amazing


We all know that Texas weather can be brutal leading up to mid-October. The heat is unbearable and the humidity makes it worse. It’s so hard to get good photos when everyone is miserable.

That’s why so many people reserve their senior pictures after school starts, especially after the first or second week of October. Most of the time, the weather is cooler (sort of) and people are more comfortable during their session.

Our biggest philosophy for getting the best senior pictures in Austin, TX is to make sure our seniors are comfortable and having a great time. It’s all part of creating the best senior portraits experience.


Yearbook deadlines are right around the corner


Most of the parents of our senior portrait sessions are hoping to get the perfect shot for their senior portrait ad. This ad goes in the high school yearbook which parents can purchase from the school to show off their student’s talents, achievements, and progress over the years. Plus many parents use this ad to wish their child the very best in the years to come.

However, most high school yearbooks have a deadline for parents to submit these ads for it to get published in the yearbook. Most high schools have a deadline of somewhere towards the end of November. The best way to get your favorite portrait ready in time is to schedule your session early (October), so you can take the time to pick your favorite.


Spring is unbelievably busy


Every year, a lot of families fall behind and forget to schedule their sessions in the Fall. Which means they end up booking in the Spring. Unfortunately, this means they have a shorter amount of time to review their photos before high school graduation. Plus, we can only guarantee that you’ll receive your photos if we do your senior portraits no less than 30 days before graduation.

With all of the rushing around and hectic scheduling, it’s much easier to do everything in the Fall.


Get the best senior portraits possible


The easiest way to get the perfect senior pictures is to schedule them before your high school yearbook deadline. Each school is different, so check the due date with your school. After capturing senior portraits for over 12 years, we know that Fall is the perfect time to get the best senior pictures around.


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