Senior Portraits Austin Texas: Questions from Parents


Dustin, My daughter is a Westlake High School Senior and we were shopping/interviewing photographers to take her senior portrait.  Several of her fellow classmates have gotten their senior portraits done with you last year and we noticed that you seem to be able to be able to capture them both as the person they actually are, and yet add a dash of glamour that is attractive to the model.  How do you make ‘peace’ between the mothers and daughters on these choices?  We want a look we can both agree on- I want to avoid a mature or sexy senior portrait and she wants to avoid anything that makes her seem forever sixteen.  Help us find a happy medium for a perfect senior portrait.


This is a great question and one that I hear quite often. When it comes to senior portraits, it’s all about compromise. First off, I always tell my seniors that their parents have to approve of all outfits they intend to bring to their senior portraits photo session. Secondly, I’m always keeping an eye out for outfits and poses that are too revealing or sexy. When it comes to locations for our portrait sessions, I’m always thinking of locations that compliment the outfit and the attitude. I never want to create an image of a high school senior that looks too much like a model.

I also try to create as much variety in my portrait sessions when it comes to looks, so the senior and the parents feel like they both received high-quality photos they want. I make sure that Mom, Dad, and the grandparents get photos they like, as well as getting shots I know the seniors want. It’s always about meeting in the middle.

-Dustin Meyer

A brunette Hispanic senior portraits teen female models for the camera wearing a burnt orange lacy sweater and denim shorts with boots while smiling and standing in front of a old country farm gate in a field of tall grass.

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  1. Britney Huntress

    I dont have a pretty smile and my teeth are messed up, most of your models are smiling and with a casual look. Would you do a serious Victorian photo shoot? I love black lace dresses. I am 15 but dont look 15 and dont want a casual photo shoot.

  2. Dustin Meyer

    Hi Britney,

    I try to create a style completely unique to each senior portraits client’s tastes. I think a Victorian photo session would be a lot of fun. I like your creativity!

  3. Marley

    What is the location for you open wheat field pictures? I have a school project and I would like to take pictures there?

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