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Dustin, we were referred to you by a friend from Westwood who got their sons senior portraits done with you and talked you up. Our daughter goes to Westlake and is VERY artistic- she has won awards with her drawings and paintings and wants to pursue it as a career. She doesn’t like what we usually see in the yearbook photos. Can you or do you ever do art photography for senior portraits? Stuff that is far out of the chin-on-hands shots? We know it might be extra and we’re not sure what the school will allow as far as backdrops and focus and lighting but she really wants her senior portrait in the yearbook to have her art in the background and some extreme creativity with color and hue with her image. Let us know how far you can go with a Westlake senior portrait without breaking the rules and also if this is something you can do for us. Kate B.

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Hi Kate B. Our studio has a lot of experience in the way of Westlake senior portraits. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is getting to learn about all of the wonderful talents our senior portrait clients have when they come through our studio. When it comes to a custom portrait session, I do everything I can to bring out that student’s personality in the pictures. I think it’s a wonderful idea to incorporate some of her artwork into her portraits. Your ideas on working with different color schemes to create a consistent theme of her artwork is fantastic. It’s typically a non-issue for the yearbook, but it might be helpful just to call and check with the high school before her portrait session with our studio.

Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas for her portrait session and see you soon!

-Dustin Meyer

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