Senior Portraits 2018 | Back to School
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  Senior Portraits Back to School Special We know you're busy. Which is why we want to reward you with a little incentive. Right now, people who book pay their sitting fee before August 22, 2017 will receive a free … Read More

Senior Portrait Sneak Peek: Claudette
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Senior Portraits: Claudette Dustin Meyer Photography | Austin, TX Senior portraits here at the studio are always a great experience, especially now that the weather is getting cooler in Austin, TX. Everyone gets excited to finally wear their favorite Fall … Read More

The Senior Portraits Process
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Dustin, do you think you could take a few minutes and describe your senior portrait process for Doug?  He’s convinced that getting Alicia’s senior portraits done will be like going to Olin Mills in 1981.  We couldn’t find a page … Read More

The New Yearbook
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Hey D. check this out: It keys right into what we were talking about re: the death of the high school yearbook. I talked to an administrator out here in CA about your idea for a gallery or online … Read More

Senior Portraits Prices
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Dustin, my husband and I were shopping our options for getting our two Bowie High School Senior portraits done and we were looking for pricing. Is there a place where we can just look at how much a simple session … Read More

Another Satisfied Senior Portrait
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THANK YOU!! I promised you if you made Lissa and me both happy with her senior photos that I’d write you a bit for your customer blog- Dustin, you hit it out of the park. Teenage daughter happy. Mom happy. … Read More

Celebrity Senior Photos
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Max and I were giggling at these celebrity senior photos and wondering how many Westwood graduates that you shoot will be on one of these sites in twenty years: It just doesn’t seem fair that our kids get to … Read More

Senior Portraits Mistake?
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Emergency- Ben’s mom apparently hates the shirt he’s wearing in the proofs. I know it’s retro and very popular for the Westlake hip kids and Ben loves it but she won’t have it (she says it looks like he is … Read More

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