Senior Portrait Sneak Peek: Claudette
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Senior Portraits: Claudette Dustin Meyer Photography | Austin, TX Senior portraits here at the studio are always a great experience, especially now that the weather is getting cooler in Austin, TX. Everyone gets excited to finally wear their favorite Fall … Read More

The Senior Portraits Process
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Dustin, do you think you could take a few minutes and describe your senior portrait process for Doug?  He’s convinced that getting Alicia’s senior portraits done will be like going to Olin Mills in 1981.  We couldn’t find a page … Read More

The New Yearbook
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Hey D. check this out: It keys right into what we were talking about re: the death of the high school yearbook. I talked to an administrator out here in CA about your idea for a gallery or online … Read More

Senior Portraits Prices
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Dustin, my husband and I were shopping our options for getting our two Bowie High School Senior portraits done and we were looking for pricing. Is there a place where we can just look at how much a simple session … Read More

Another Satisfied Senior Portrait
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THANK YOU!! I promised you if you made Lissa and me both happy with her senior photos that I’d write you a bit for your customer blog- Dustin, you hit it out of the park. Teenage daughter happy. Mom happy. … Read More

Celebrity Senior Photos
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Max and I were giggling at these celebrity senior photos and wondering how many Westwood graduates that you shoot will be on one of these sites in twenty years: It just doesn’t seem fair that our kids get to … Read More

Senior Portraits Mistake?
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Emergency- Ben’s mom apparently hates the shirt he’s wearing in the proofs. I know it’s retro and very popular for the Westlake hip kids and Ben loves it but she won’t have it (she says it looks like he is … Read More

Just Senior Portraits?
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Senior portraits only? Dustin, you shot our daughter for her Westlake senior portraits three years ago and we were considering taking shots at her UT commencement next year. Do you only do senior portraits or is this something you would … Read More

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