Compassion is High Fashion

Tonight, Westwood High School put on a fundraiser named “Compassion is High Fashion”. The benefit was to provide prom dresses to those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford nice outfits for prom. I got some great photos of the students modeling many of the outfits for the fundraiser. Thanks to the Westwood Warriors for doing such a wonderful cause. It’s always uplifting to see young adults working to make other people feel special.

p3 lightbox gal placeholder Compassion is High Fashion

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  1. Helen Nooner

    Dear Mr. Meyer-Is there any way to get a copy of the four pictures that my daughter Natalie was in??? I would love to show my friends the stunning pictures of her. (she was the one in the 2 red dresses and blue short dress). Her dad tried to take some as well but …of course, not to the caliber of your professional talent. (don’t tell him I said that!). Let me know!
    Thanks, Helen Nooner
    PS—thank you so much for taking the time out to do this!

  2. Teri Holmstrom

    I love the photos from “Compassion is High Fashion”. Can I order?


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