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Senior Photography Tips for Guys… and Moms.

There are a lot of senior guys who don’t look forward to taking their senior portraits. Trust me, I was one of them. For many guys, senior portraits just don’t seem all that important. To some, it’s just not that big a deal. To others, the idea of changing outfits several times isn’t all that appealing. Combine all of this with a senior’s busy schedule and you end up with a son who is not looking forward to getting their picture taken.

But senior portraits are a big deal, especially for Mom and Dad.

Here are some tips from Jon’s senior photography session that will make everyone happy…

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When Jon came to the studio, he knocked down every excuse any guy ever made about senior portraits. Jon’s photo session was very easy and he (dare I say it?) actually enjoyed it. There were no surpises. He was polite and followed my suggestions to the letter. Plus, not only did his outfits match, he looked very sharp as well. Jon did everything right, resulting in pictures his parents loved. And most importantly, he had a good time. He actually looked forward to his photo session!

So what was Jon’s secret to getting great senior portraits? Surprisingly enough, it’s not a secret. These tips are the same guidelines Moms everywhere have been telling their sons for years…

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Tip #1: Pick Your Outfits The Day Before

From time to time, we’ve all been guilty of it. You know what I mean… improper planning. Raiding the closet right before we rush out the door doesn’t usually result in a great looking outfit. Just like many other things in life, waiting until the last minute isn’t always the best approach. His dress shirt may be wrinkled. His jeans may be stained. But worse than that, there wasn’t any time to plan your outfits.

Take a few minutes the day before your session to pick out clothing. Not only does it prevent any surprises from wrinkles, holes, or stains. It also gives you a chance to agree on what’s going to be worn. Plus, it avoids creating a stressful situation right before you have to leave for your appointment.

This is exactly what Jon did and his clothing choices were perfect.

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Tip #2: Listen to Mom

This tip actually applies to both guys and girls. No matter how independant seniors may be at their age, one thing remains the same. Bringing Mom along to their senior portraits session can make all the difference. Despite their tough exterior, many guys actually feel like their mother’s opinion matters. A few suggestions from Mom here and there can actually work wonders during a photo shoot. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into too many suggestions… don’t tell my mom I said that!

Jon had his mom come along for his photo session. Sometimes he listened to her suggestions. Other times, he didn’t agree with her ideas. But overall, Jon did a great job, Mom was pleased, and everyone was happy with the results.

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Tip #3 Be a Team Player

Nothing is harder than working with a senior who isn’t a team player. Once in a while I end up with a guy who doesn’t follow directions or doesn’t want to wear what Mom suggests. And sometimes, he just doesn’t care about how the photos turn out. Instead of writing him off as being rebellious, I usually find the reason is pretty simple. He just wants to know that his opinion matters.

My senior portrait sessions are designed so that everyone feels like they get to have their say. That’s why I have sessions that include several outfits, not just one. It’s a great way to compromise on what Mom wants him to wear, and what he wants to wear.

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Despite what most senior guys may think, getting their picture taken doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Many of my senior portrait clients are guys, and we always get amazing results. By following these simple rules, you can avoid a stressful situation, have a good time, get great photos, and most importantly… make Mom very happy!

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