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Graduation Announcements 2015 Special

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High school graduation announcements are a big tradition. Every parent and senior wants to celebrate the next step in a high school senior's journey. Graduating to the next phase in a senior's life means more than just crossing the finish line. It means moving up to the next level in their life.

Of course, celebrating with family and friends in this amazing milestone is a given. And in the past, ordering traditional graduation announcements has been the standard. But these days, an old fashioned announcement just doesn't cut it anymore. Each senior has achieved too much to be summarized in a gold foil stamped card.

That's why at Dustin Meyer Photography, we design custom graduation announcements from your senior photography portraits to be custom and unique. Otherwise, what's the point? Our customized graduation announcements are the perfect way to finish up the school year.

senior portraits austin graduation announcements

Special: Graduation Announcements 2015

Right now, when you reserve your senior portraits with Dustin Meyer Photography, you'll receive 25 custom designed graduation announcements for free. You only pay the design fee, and we'll take care of the rest. That's a $30 credit you can spend on our other products, like prints, albums, digital files, and more.

But with graduation coming up soon, this special ends March 31st, 2015. Pay your sitting fee by March 31st, and we'll include a free set of 25 custom graduation announcements for you and your high school senior.

Our schedule is filling up quickly, so reserve your senior portraits session before they're all gone.


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