Stephanie S.

Austin, TX | Senior |

Where to begin… Dustin Meyer took my senior portraits in the fall. Through talking with him beforehand, I instantly knew it would be comfortable and easy. First, his studio is located on a huge amount of land that offers everything for cool pictures. The typical tall grass and big fields, but so much more. Through the session, we went to various locations on his land, and I got to change outfits many times in his convenient studio right there. The pictures were online for proofing within a few days, and sure enough we ended up ordering many more than planned. I never knew it was possible to have so many photos of myself around, and I’m sure glad they were Dustin-quality.

Dustin also photographed all seniors at my high school for their senior yearbook portraits. Although there were so many students working with him, we all seemed to have a positive experience, and Dustin was always just a quick email or phone call away to work with us. Everyone raved about their session, and soon enough, about half my friends all had Dustin Meyer photo profile pictures. While so many senior photographers seem to make girls look so unlike themselves and all so similar, Dustin has a way of retain individuality in his portraits, even when photographing hundreds of seniors.