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Claudette L.

Austin, TX | Senior Portraits Client |

If a picture is worth a thousand words then it can also be said that the photographer who took that same picture would be worth at least two thousand!? Knowing that testimonials are most often short and concise, I will try my best to summarize my daughter’s Senior Portrait Session!

First, we arrived at Dustin Meyer’s beautiful multi-acreage property; the landscape offers many different settings regardless the season or occasion. His incredible assistant welcomed us with the warmest smile and the friendliest, “Hello!” My daughter, Claudette, immediately felt comfortable and at ease, a perfect way to start her session.  Soon after, we met Dustin, equally as friendly & kind with a sense of humor, which helped make the hour session go by smoothly and successfully. They were accommodating throughout the time we were there and continued to be the same during the selection process!

After watching Dustin in action and seeing the portraits in his studio, as well as my daughter’s photographs, it is apparent that he is a talented photographer, who loves his work and is dedicated to this art form! He captures the most beautiful and authentic images that are deserving of a thousand words!!

Thank you so much Dustin!
Cindy L. (Mother)