Black and white photo of a handsome male teen in a white button shirt and tie smiling for his senior portraits photography session from Westwood High School with Dustin Meyer Photography in Austin TexasQ: Some studios won’t allow me to bring a parent or a friend along. That’s kinda creepy! What’s DMP’s policy on bringing someone along to my photo session?
A: Friends and family are always welcome to your portrait session with DMP. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable, especially if you want your portraits to come out stunning! Besides, having a friend or parent with you can be one of the best ways to help you relax and have fun in front of the camera!
Q: What should I wear?
A: Bring as many outfits as you can carry! Everything from casual to dressy. I get a lot of my inspiration from your outfits, so go crazy. The more outfits you bring, the more options we have for portraits. Even clothes you may not like can look awesome in a photo! It’s way better to bring too much than not enough…
Q: Do I have to do cheesy poses?
A: Absolutely not! The whole point of your portrait session is to make you look like you. Never feel obligated to do something you’re not comfortable with.
Q: I see you provide makeup services, is that a requirement?
A: Why not let yourself get a little pampered? Everyone loves our professional makeup artist, even the guys!
Q: I have braces, can you fix those?
A: Of course! I haven’t met a set of mouth gear I couldn’t handle…
Q: What if it rains, or the weather gets too nasty?
A: Your session fee can be transferred to another time slot due to foul weather. Trust me, if I could control the weather…
Q: Some of your images look more like models than seniors, do I have to do that?
A: Of course not! Our seniors only look like who they are. I capture such a large variety of images, everything from smiles to more pensive poses. It’s all what you make of it!